Monday, December 15, 2014


Thanks to all who attended the opening of "DERAILED" it was an incredible night!

Please email for price inquires and viewing hours. Work is also constantly updated in our online store.

 Images can be seen here and on our instagram @pandemicgallery / @thesweettoof

Sweet Toof Hand Painted posters

Monday, December 1, 2014


SWEET TOOF "Neon Vapours" Limited Edition Print 
12" x 15" four color screenprint on 300gsm archival paper
Set of 30 signed and numbered by the artist

Saturday, November 22, 2014

December 12th SWEET TOOF "DERAILED" solo exhibition opens!

As hinted at for many months, PANDEMIC is proud to announce the solo exhibition of the highest authority in dental deviance, London's own SWEET TOOF

Showing paintings, sculpture, installation and more, making this is an event to remember. Opening reception Friday, December 12, 2014.  7-11pm

In addition we are pleased to announce the early release of "NEON VAPOURS
LIMITED EDITION set of 30 prints. Each print is hand silkscreened and signed by the artist. (Image attached "NEON VAPOURS" 12"X15"  four color screen print on 300gsm archival paper) Available now at

Opening Reception 12.12.14
Theres no real way to avoid the imagery SWEET TOOF presents to the public. The average citizen stops to observe just as intensely as the dedicated street photographer.  His bright, colorful iconography is unmistakable. Strangely seductive, cartoon skulls grin malevolently from ear to ear, while disembodied floating gums appear seemingly in the hundreds all over the urban landscape, everything consistently overflowing with toothy turmoil.  From site specific street graffiti and large scale murals to blanketing the abandoned structures of the city, his artistic presence is highly prolific, spanning several countries.

For this show he is concentrating heavily on the freight train graffiti scene in the USA that he has been so highly inspired by. Transforming the gallery walls to depict certain freights cars as an homage to the steel canvas that so many great artists working today rely on. Handcrafted freight replicas made from vintage warehouse carts as well as salvaged train sets will be on display, adorned end to end with SWEET TOOF'S magnetizing magenta chompers. 

Several new oil paintings of all different sizes, painstakingly rendered in his distinctive, creep-show traditionalism style will also be on display. Out from beautifully painted scenery sprouts depictions of eery figures toiling away, unaware of their macabre appearance. Other works resembling portraits of undead royalty sit patiently in ornate frames sporting Elizabethan ruffles and seem to mesmerize and transfix the observer.

This is the artists second solo show in New York. Please Join us for this remarkable exhibition!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Londons own SWEET TOOF, Solo Exhibition! 
complete with limited edition block prints and much more toothy chaos coming soonish.... Stay tuned....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cassius Fouler "RAP" print

"RAP" print by Cassius Fouler
Handprinted 2 color Limited Edition of 20
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Thanks to all who attended the opening of 
"Painting is the curse of the drinking class" 
twas quite the epic evening...

Check the inventory HERE and smaller works on paper HERE

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 "Discoursting" Acrylic and enamel on paper 60"x90"
"Beware of the God" Acrylic, Enamel and flammable glue on wood panel 23"x35"

"Drawing #32" Acrylic and enamel on paper, 9"x12"

"Downtown Class War" Acrylic and enamel, 96"x92"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


"Painting is the curse of the drinking class"
Opening Reception Sat. Feb. 8th 7-11pm

Pandemic is pleased to Announce an Exhibition of Paintings by NY based artist Cassius Fouler:

Raised upstate and relocated to the city, Cassius Fouler is known for a wide array of visual styles in his work. Infusing elements of contemporary, expressionism, iconography and original cartoonism intertwined with graffiti based text while also involving architectural properties. He displays hyper color paintings rich with a vibe heavy in chaotic turmoil.  Visually challenging the viewers perception of their everyday routine and the city that surrounds them, he creates a relatable scene but one which can leave you perplexed after viewing. His unmistakable Characters and iconic images that surround tell many a story of the city. Living ones life moment to moment, the flaws of starving artistry, gentrification, humility, decadence, anger, sadness, inebriation and peril… 
Over the years Fouler has shown in several galleries in New York and surrounding cities, created several large scale public murals and sculptures both legally and illegally, while constantly continuing to paint and create in the studio to no end. The ephemeral nature of his street work is incorporated brilliantly into his studio paintings. Whether viewed on a rooftop, scrawled across a wall, or hanging in a gallery, his style is distinct and undeniably original and alluring. For this exhibition we will be attempting to harness the raw, captivating sense of beauty and pandemonium that surrounds the artist and his work, landing it gracefully between the walls of our warehouse.
The artist will be showing paintings, drawings, prints and wood cut works...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

STIKMAN "Punch Cards" exclusive release

For the newest edition to our online store, Pandemic is proud to offer a series of hand crafted pieces from the ever illusive STIKMAN, who remains one of our favorite street artists.

These exclusive edition works are laser cut by the artist from vintage computer punch cards, the type of which were hand punched with a key punch machine, mainly used pre 1970's.  

If you are familiar with the work of Stikman then you know he is renowned for using clever and enticing items to convey his intricate artwork. Sticks, signs, stickers, playing cards, bricks, tires, books, board games...... the list goes on and on. But despite the amount of work he has affixed around the planet in the last 2 decades, actually owning an original is a rarity for most, making these exclusive punch cards an amazing addition to any collection.

The Cards are available in sets of 7, priced at $60 per set. All unique with varying colors and punch-holes 

Visit our webstore to purchase and for more info on other available artwork

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photos from Vampire Boombox IV

Courtesy of our good friend HUE we have another great set of photos from VAMPIRE BOOMBOX IV which was held here last friday... 

Thanks to all involved! and check out all the photos HERE

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Pandemic Prints" #1 - UFO

As part of our new "Pandemic Prints" series we are proud to announce our newest print, featuring the artwork of dedicated NYC graffiti artist UFO 907

We have been fans of his work for many years now, his iconic alien imagery is known throughout New York and can be found in the strangest of spots all over the states and worldwide. Over the years his artistic presence has been beyond prolific and has caused joy, anger, confusion and sheer obsession, depending on your viewpoint. 

Being the first print run the artist has yet produced and modeled on the look of the well known "priority mail" postal label that is so often adorned by his imagery, these pieces make as an incredible collectors item.

UFO 907 "Eat, Sleep, Breathe and Shit the Stuff" 2013
Hand printed, 3 color silkscreen 
Limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered
Size: 18"x24"

Purchase Easily through our WEBSTORE