Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Pandemic Prints" #1 - UFO

As part of our new "Pandemic Prints" series we are proud to announce our newest print, featuring the artwork of dedicated NYC graffiti artist UFO 907

We have been fans of his work for many years now, his iconic alien imagery is known throughout New York and can be found in the strangest of spots all over the states and worldwide. Over the years his artistic presence has been beyond prolific and has caused joy, anger, confusion and sheer obsession, depending on your viewpoint. 

Being the first print run the artist has yet produced and modeled on the look of the well known "priority mail" postal label that is so often adorned by his imagery, these pieces make as an incredible collectors item.

UFO 907 "Eat, Sleep, Breathe and Shit the Stuff" 2013
Hand printed, 3 color silkscreen 
Limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered
Size: 18"x24"

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