Wednesday, November 20, 2013

STIKMAN "Punch Cards" exclusive release

For the newest edition to our online store, Pandemic is proud to offer a series of hand crafted pieces from the ever illusive STIKMAN, who remains one of our favorite street artists.

These exclusive edition works are laser cut by the artist from vintage computer punch cards, the type of which were hand punched with a key punch machine, mainly used pre 1970's.  

If you are familiar with the work of Stikman then you know he is renowned for using clever and enticing items to convey his intricate artwork. Sticks, signs, stickers, playing cards, bricks, tires, books, board games...... the list goes on and on. But despite the amount of work he has affixed around the planet in the last 2 decades, actually owning an original is a rarity for most, making these exclusive punch cards an amazing addition to any collection.

The Cards are available in sets of 7, priced at $60 per set. All unique with varying colors and punch-holes 

Visit our webstore to purchase and for more info on other available artwork