Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Heat Beaten" Artists


Thomas Buildmore received his diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2004. Since then, Buildmore has taken part in and/or curated many fine art installations in a variety of arenas, receiving acclaim from publications such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The New York Daily News, And the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2007 Buildmore established Overkill Studio in South Boston, Massachusetts. In 2008, Overkill Studio relocated to Philadelphia. In 2010 Thomas Buildmore co-founded Stupideasy Studio in Old City Philadelphia with fellow Artist/Photographer Dan King.



Abby Goodman was born in 1972 in Philadelphia, PA. Desire to learn metallurgy led her to the French Alps, where she apprenticed an ironworker. Upon returning she accepted a job as a welder at a bronze foundry executing bronze sculptures for the public arena. Goodman continued her training at Syracuse University, where she earned a MFA, then moved to New York City.
Goodman creates sculptures, paintings, and mixed media installations to share her experiences. She has been included in several publications, including New American Paintings, the New York Times and the cover of Studio Visit Magazine. Her most recent exhibitions include WE COME FROM BROOKLYN, at the Galerie allerART in Bludenz, Austria, 20 in 11 at the Woodward Gallery in NYC, Party At Lucky Chengs, a solo exhibition in the LZ Project Space, and An Island Now Peopled, a two-person show at the Chashama Chelsea Project Space. Goodman was recently represented as a featured artist through Rush Arts Gallery for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. Goodman is a current resident in the Chashama Studio Residency Program.



"KA" has been a talented graffiti artist for quite some time......



Hailing from NYC, Ellis Gallagher is a graffiti and fine artist best know for his chalk outline shadow drawings he executes on the streets of New York and all over the country.



El Hase is one of the first traditional graffiti and urban artist in Venezuela, developing a personal style throughout the streets of Caracas, his hometown. In 1999, while studying Graphic Design he began diversifying his artistic talent away from works based on pure intuition towards more ellaborate concepts in order to enrich the basic graffiti style with other techniques, thus incorporating stencils, prints, etchings and digital media. Hase’s current artistic work is conceptually based in the imagery of Boxing, horror movies, Venezuelan popular aestethics. He's been working in a series entitled "La Lucha" (The Struggle). These works incorporate elements aluding to venezuelan boxing icons, figures whose lives parallel with
those of ordinary people who are out in the street in constant struggle such as graffiti artists, skateboarders and others.

El Hase has participated in Solo and Art shows in Venezuela, Barcelona, New York, and Los Angeles.



W.T.Porter is an artist, designer, and builder.

From a young age, I learned the art of deconstruction and reconstruction while working on houses with his father. That philosophy of resurrecting “newness” out of old things has had the most profound influence on my work and my daily life.

My first sculptures worthy of note were assemblages of odds and ends I found while walking the train tracks, in the garbage, in antique stores, and among my fathers dusty collection of hardware. I arranged these objects into old boxes to create tiny worlds full of hidden meaning.



John Skibo through out his youth lived in Wyoming, Colorado, Boston, Texas and New
York. He earned his Bachelors degree and several awards, grants, and scholarships from
Massachusetts College of Art and Design before graduating with honors and distinction
in 2009. Through his travels across the United States, and as far as
China and South
Africa, he developed in interest in the ideas of the home, the landscape, and the visual
and metaphysical changes that give form to the environment. His work is the result
of applying these ideas to the medium of painting. Much of his invention comes from
collage, drawing, and changes that occur in the creative process. Each piece of artwork
represents what he feels are connections he has with his surroundings, and the often
incongruous nature of those connections.



"Noah Sparkes is a creator who works in various mediums and alternate dimensions to which you are not yet familiar"


Sofia Maldonado, born in Puerto Rico (1984). Her paintings, drawings, murals, installations, and painted objects are informed by an urban sensibility that draws inspiration from aspects of street and youth culture, fashion and commercial design, public art, abstraction and pop art, identity politics, and post-feminist art practice. Maldonado’s work first bursts onto the local art scene in Puerto Rico in the early 2000s through her imaginative and distinct wheat-pastes and murals adorning the dilapidated walls of abandoned storefronts and buildings in Old San Juan and elsewhere throughout the City. Her colorful liquidity pop abstractions often populated by a highly stylized cast of ultra feminine super heroines with Rapunzel-like tresses that cascade like ribbons evincing the Caribbean’s lush foliage immediately set her apart from other street artists.

Recent exhibitions include The SFiles at Museo del Barrio Biennale, NY; Beyond Bling, Ringling Muesum of Art; (R)amped, Wisconsin University; Synesthsia, Painted Bride, Philadelohia; Real Pubic, Real Art Ways, CT; Graphopoli, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico; the 10th Havana Biennale, Cuba; and a mural for the Time Square Alliance in New York City.